RFID cards with Hikvision Intercom

To add card to the Hikvision Intercom using IVMS Download IVMS from www.hikvision.com Once you have installed it. Add the device to IVMS. When adding the device make sure it is exported to a group or you will not be able to change any settings. If Security Equipment Center setup the unit for you, your […]

Basic Networking

First of all we will need to find out what IP range Press the Windows Key + “R” Button. This will bring up the run command. Type “cmd” and Press enter. You will see a black window appears. Type “ipconfig” and press enter. You will see the following: IPv4 Address: Current IP Address of the […]

Hikvision Password reset

Password reset are done by Hikvision. Hikvision Africa‍‍ Building 2, Waverley office park, 39 Scott street, Bramley,Johannesburg, South Africa Reception Tel: +27877018113/+27877018111 Technical Call Center: +27101108228 Business: sale.africa@hikvision.com Technical Support: support.africa@hikvision.com If the unit were brought from Security Equipment Centre then you can always drop of the unit by our shop and will gladly have […]

Hikvision Access Control Networked

Once you have activated your unit with a password your created. Access the menu and and go to comm. Select network if you are going to hard wire the unit and select the WI-FI if you want to connect wireless to the unit. Once you have setup the IP address. You can now go and […]

Hikvision Access Control Stand Alone

Once you have started up your unit it will ask you for a password. Type in a password and re-enter it to confirm that the password word is correct Access the System using a Fingerprint instead of password Press and hold in the OK button you will have to put in your password to access […]

Hikvision Analogue Video Intercom

Hikvision Analogue is a 4 cable system and easy to set up. You will be needing 4 core cable for the setup. If you will be triggering a gate motor we recommend you use a 1 shot timer to prevent the button being held in. Click here for the one shot timer. Wiring Diagram. One […]

Hikvision IP Video Intercom

Connecting One Gate Station to One Indoor Station After activating your door station and gate station you will need to link the two together. For this example my gate station will be and my indoor station will be Using IVMS click on remotely configure the gate station go to linked network. By […]

Installing IVMS

Download the latest version of IVMS4200 or click here Install IVMS4200 and you will see a shortcut on your desktop. Open IVMS for the first time and you will need to secure the application by using a user name and password. ** Write Down this information as 99% do forget their passwords.** Once the program […]