Random search Selector portable


The unit is designed to provide an efficient and unbiased method of selecting any sample percentage of persons passing
through a security checkpoint in a completely random fashion. Where the physical searching of the employees or even
customers is necessary it is essential to avoid claims of victimization due to the selection process.
The random selector will overcome this problem and select the required sample percentage in a totally random manner.
When the unit is triggered a green light or red light and a buzzer is activated, indicating either free passage or search.
The unit can be activated by pushing the “TEST” button on the front panel . As the selector has an internal rechargeable
battery the unit is fully portable and not reliant on a 220V power source.
By pressing the “ON” button the unit is switched on for approximately 20 minutes. This is done to prevent the selector
from being left switched on and draining the battery.
A timed or latched search selection is available. If the latched search is selected the red light and buzzer will sound until
the “RESET” button is pressed. The green free passage light will always operate in the timed mode. This is selected with
a jumper on the printed circuit board (PCB) inside the unit
As the system is totally random in operation it is possible to have numerous selections is quick succession even at
relatively low selection percentages. This acts as a strong psychological deterrent.

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Power requirements : Internal 12V 1,2 A/H Battery with external
220V charger adaptor.
Selection Range : 1% – 99% Unit is dispatched set at 15%
Percentage is selected on internal Dip switches.
Lights / Buzzer :Timer adjustable from 1 – 99 seconds or with
latched search.
Indicators : Light indication on front panel for:
The selector can be left with the charger permanently connected when not in use. This will ensure that the
battery is always fully charged. No adverse effects or overcharging of the battery will result.