Sherlo gate alarm


The wireless GATE ALARM unit was designed to help combat the need to secure gates or garage doors. Typically installed at the gate together with a wide gap magnetic contact the unit will transmit out an alarm signal to the receiver which would be hooked up to a modern alarm system.

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  • Wireless Code-hopping
  • Weather proof plastic housing IP55
  • Battery Powered by AA batteries or 12VDC
  • Trigger all the time or Bypass on a valid opening
  • 3 Minute Alarm if the gate is left open
  • Tamper output
  • Encryption: Code-Hopping
  • Range: 100m (Open air)
  • Frequencies: 403MHz / 433MHz
  • Voltage Range: 3VDC or 12VDC
  • Current draw: +/- 1uA 10%
  • Dimensions(lxbxh): 124 x 80 x 30mm
  • Gross Weight: 210grams
  • Operating Temp: -7°C to 65°C