Hikvision Access Control Stand Alone

Once you have started up your unit it will ask you for a password. Type in a password and re-enter it to confirm that the password word is correct

Access the System using a Fingerprint instead of password

Press and hold in the OK button you will have to put in your password to access the menu. Once you are in the menu. GO to “User” press “OK” Once you are in press the right arrow button to add a new person. Put in a Name for the person. Press OK by Register and now scan your fingerprint twice and follow the voice prompt. Once you have enrolled a fingerprint scroll down to “Role” Change it to Admin once you are done press the “ESC” button and it will ask you to save the settings. Press “ESC” till you see the Date and time. Now press the “OK” button and press “OK” where it says “FP” and it will ask you for your fingerprint scan your finger and you will see the menu without putting in a password.

Download the complete user manual on how to configure the reader