Hikvision IP Video Intercom

Connecting One Gate Station to One Indoor Station

After activating your door station and gate station you will need to link the two together. For this example my gate station will be and my indoor station will be Using IVMS click on remotely configure the gate station go to linked network.

By your Master Station put in the IP Address for you Main indoor station. If you are only using one then put in the same IP address under SIP Server IP Address.

Now go to Call button under Intercom and make sure Room number is set to 1 and floor is set to 0.

To trigger you gate motor to open correctly. Go intercom under access and elevator control. Change Door-unlocked duration to 1.

Now that we have configured the gate station we can configure the Indoor station. First things we need to do is set the indoor station ID. Under intercom click on ID configuration and make it 101.

Now go linked network configuration. Put in the the IP address for your Gate Station. which would be and put the same for the SIP Server IP address. Make sure you change Main door station type to V series.

Once you have done the following you can test your unit and it should work. If it is still not working make sure your devices are running Firmware version V1.5.0