RFID cards with Hikvision Intercom

To add card to the Hikvision Intercom using IVMS

Download IVMS from www.hikvision.com

Once you have installed it. Add the device to IVMS. When adding the device make sure it is exported to a group or you will not be able to change any settings.

If Security Equipment Center setup the unit for you, your default user name and password will be.

User name: admin

Password: Admin123456

Make sure you add this to a group.

Click on access control add personal. At the bottom, under card click on the add button.

Leave the card type as normal

By card reader mode: Click on Access Control use your drop down menu to select you door station 8102, 8202 or the 8402 Gate Station. Click on read and the swipe your card on the gate station. You will see your number appear. Click ok.

Now click on permission. Click on add. Give it a Name and move everything to the right hand side and click ok. Once it has applied the settings you cards will work.

Add cards to the Hikvision Intercom without using IVMS.

When buying your gate station you will receive a master card inside the box. Swipe you master card then swipe the card you want to enroll then swipe your master card again. Once you have done this your cards will work. Keep you master card safe. If you have lost the master card