ZK Access 3.5 – Fault finding on ZK Access3.5

Fault finding on ZK Access3.5

First thing to do is see what is happening with your devices. Open ZK Access 3.5. Click on access control and click on real time monitoring. Get someone to scan their fingerprint and see if you get a log with the user. If you didn’t see a log check the picture of the doors and make sure all the doors are brown. If you do not see the brown doors you need to check your devices cabling and make sure they all connected.

If you are getting report as in the image above then the next thing you will need to check is your Time zones and and Access Levels. Click on Time zones and make sure you have the default 24 hour. Once you have confirmed this now go to your Access Levels. If you do not have any access levels you will need to create one. Click on the Add button and give the Access level a name like 24 Hours and from time zone select the 24 Hour time zone. Just below that you will see 4 Blocks. Everything on the left and side is not allow access from the doors to the people. Every door and person on the right hand side is allowed access.

So to make sure everything is working move everything to the right and side and click on Ok. As seen in the image below.