Hikvision Setup of Access Control and Time and Attendace.

Open up IVMS 4200 it will ask you to create a new user name and password to log in to IVMS 4200 please write this password down. If you do lose your password you will have to uninstall IVMS and reinstall it. And all your information will be lost. Fill in the security question if it will help you reset your password.

The first thing you will need to do is activate your devices. Click on Device manger and Click on online devices. If your Biometric units are connect to the lan you will see the device. Highlight them all the click on activate. Create a Password for your Units. Save this password as well as you will need it if you want to manual access the biometric reader. From there you need to assign them an IP Addresss that matches with your current network range. Now you want to add the device and the is important to make sure the device are export to a group when adding the device, if the device is not exported to a group then when you are setting up the access control you will not be able to see your device.

Now that you have added the devices and they are in the group. Now you can start enrolling the users.