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YB-500U (LED) is an all-metal construction electric bolt .specially designed for fully frameless glass doors. It can be worked bear the temperature of 60 ℃ or -40 ℃ The bolt of the lock is made of 304 stainless steel solid bar with 1000kg holding force and anti-burglar design. With the multiple designs of durable magnetic valve, special photoelectric control system, LED Indicator ,Door statue signal output contact,ultra-low temperature and power consumption design, anti-intrusion and smart circuit.

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Feature Fail Safe
Face Plate 150Lx40WX37H(mm)
Bolt 16(length)*13(diameter)(mm)
Voltage DC12V(DC24V)
Start Current 960mA
Standby Current 180mA
Solid Bolt polishing housing, 1000kg Holding Force
Suitable For 12mm Electric Bolt  For Fully Frameless Glass Door
Signal Output Door status Output,NC/COM
Surface Temp Low Temperature
Induction Distance 8mm
Special Designed Tested to 500000 operations
Face place material Stainless Steel
Weight 1.36kg