220V Random search Selector with Dispay


The unit is designed to provide an efficient method of selecting any sample percentage of
persons passing through a security checkpoint, but in a completely random fashion. In any
situation where physical searching of employees or even customers is necessary it is essential
to avoid embarrassment or claims of victimization due to the selection process.
The Random Selector will overcome all these problems and select at random, whatever
percentage is required by the user to be searched. Whenever the unit is triggered a green light
or red light and buzzer is activated, indicating either free passage or search.
Several methods can be used to trigger the selector, for example, a push button, remote hand
held transmitterinfra-red beam or card reader. The search output can be selected by jumper to
provide either a timed or latched output. If a timed output is selected each time the unit is
triggered a green light or red light and buzzer will be activated for a preset time of 1 to 99
seconds to alert security personnel that a selection has been made.
If, however, a latched search output is selected, the red light and buzzer will sound until reset
at the random selector or via a remote push button. The free passage selections will still be
A trigger output is provided to open the turnstile, electric lock, etc.
When used with a turnstile or doors fitted with electric locks the system becomes automatic,
requiring a minimum of supervision. As the system is random it is possible to have
numerous selections in quick succession even at relatively low selection percentages. This
acts as a strong psychological deterrent.

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Power requirements: 220V operation.
Selection range: 1% – 99%. Unit is shipped set to 15%.
Output timer: Adjustable from 1 – 99 seconds, or latched search output.
Test facility: Test push button on unit.
Indicators: Light indication on front panel for: Free passage, search & power.
Outputs: a. Light box with green and red lights and buzzer for
mounting at security checkpoint
b. Free passage output trigger.
c. Search output trigger to operate remote warning devices when a
search selection occurs.
d. Search latch reset.
Triggering method: Selector can be triggered by any device having a N.O.