Sturdiness Electric Bolt for narrow door Fail Safe


YB-500I (LED) is an all-metal construction electric bolt .suitable for narrow frame doors which is possess with Double protection for loading current. The bolt is made of 304 stainless steel solid bar with 1000kg holding force and anti-burglar design. It contains the design of magnetic valve, particular photoelectric control structure

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Product Parameter Parameter Description
Feature Fail Safe
Face Plate 150Lx25Wx37H(mm)
Bolt 16(length)*13(diameter)(mm)
Voltage DC12V(DC24V)
Start Current 960mA
Standby Current 180mA
Solid Bolt polishing housing, 1000Kg Holding Force
Suitable For Electric Bolt  For Narrow Door
Signal Output Door status Output,NO/COM
LED Light on indicates locked, light off indicates unlocked
Surface Temp Low Temperature
Induction Distance 8mm
Special Designed Tested to 500000 operations
Face place material Stainless Steel
Weight 1.06kg

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