Access control Keypad


YK-668 is a new generation standalone access control keypad equipped with Card reading, Card+ code, and code entry models all-in-one, buttons are made from hand-machine craftsmanship, with blue colour fade-proof back light. Operating systems are developed from newest Micro-controller Core, bringing the keypad high stability, huge capacity, strong performance, quick reaction and easy operation, making it best choice companies ,factories, intelligent communities , office buildings electrical control etc project

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Product Parameter Parameter Description
Dimension(mm) 86x86x20(mm)
Operating Voltage 12V±10%,Current Drain<0.1A
Operating Temperature -10℃—+50℃
Operating Humidity 20%—80%
Capacity of Recording 2000 User Cards +1 password
Card Reading Distance 5-15cm
Operating Mode ID card , Digital code.
ID card or Digital code.
ID card + Digital code
Waterproof Grade IP55
Weight 0.15kg

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